Welcome to the world of lillelarsen

Hello big world of bloggers, crafters, moms and blog addicts!

After scanning and gazing in awe at hundreds of blogs, getting caught in the never-ending web spun by wonderfully talented writers, cooks, perfect moms and professional crafters, I decided to add my little sprinkle of less talented writing, cooking, mothering and crafting skills to the world of blogs.

Yes, I’m a working mom of the two most wonderful kids in the world – except the four-year old when she starts acting like a teenager and the 9-month old STILL not decided about sleeping during the nights – I’m a complete wool and needle (crochet and knitting of course) addict, my second infinite love goes to chocolate and all things with plenty of sugar in it, and I go to bed every night with millions of dreams of things still left to do and that just don’t fit into the 24-hour timeframe… especially not the laundry basket that waits for between 2 to 3 weeks until it gets any further attention from me.

So why keep life simple? Why not add another challenge to a crowded life? Pffff, wouldn’t be any fun would it? That’s what this blog is all about, sharing all the wonderful things I discover in blogworld, as well of course as some tips and tricks that’ll hopefully help you get through your own family – job – household business you’re running and keep you from going crazy.

Enjoy the reading!


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