Flower power

Did I ever mention I’m slightly an organizational freak? I love organizing everything I do, scheduling it, putting up timelines for projects… but somehow I usually spend so much time on that part that the actual project never sees daylight…

And I love boxes, for organizing my stuff, for storing it, organizing boxes into boxes… and yet in the end, the most messy part of the entire house (kid’s rooms included in the benchmark) is my desk where I “organize” my crafting materials.

And somehow it always ends up all over the house, taking up half of the living room coffee table – well you never know exactly what you’re in the mood for knitting/crocheting in the evening – on the shelves of the kid’s room – well, might as well use the time while surveying their playing with getting on with my work right?

Although it usually means wrestling with the little one to get hold of the wool, meaning those 10 minutes of crocheting are followed by an hour of detangling the wool, as well as a frustrated little boy who didn’t get allowed to play with the needles or eat the wool. Pfff, what a spoilsport I am right?Usually that’s the moment where he turns to the electric sockets, the second most fun thing to do after destroying my wools, closely followed by number 3, the bowl with the cat food.

So, today is the big day again of rearranging and putting some order into my mess – probably I’ll again get a thousand new ideas about what I could create and get stuck in my cleaning up in middle way, as every Sunday started with loads of good intentions.


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