Just go for it!

… and go for it!

After a week of being rather demotivated at all the projects I wanted to start this year, having second thoughts about the do-ability of it all, thinking it was maybe just all a really really huge illusion, I got up this morning and resolved to just keep onto my old motto : just go for it!

Because each time I start thinking too much about a project, doubts start growing like bad weeds, popping up all around me, closing in on me so fast I always end up giving in to the doubts and quitting. The thing that usually leads to quitting is when you compare yourself and your crafts and ideas to those of other people – a definite mistake. Because then all I am doing seems so futile and useless, all the hours spent knitting and crocheting where maybe I would have been better off to do some of the household work that’s waiting and never gets attended to. Is it really worth it? Or am I just losing my time over some illusion?

This time it took me an entire week of being down and in a bad mood to understand that there is no other way in knowing whether what I’m doing is good or not if I don’t try. And that if I’m doing something I really like, then I’ll just go on doing it. If you’ve got a passion, I guess you just gotta go for it and do what you love. What’s the use in shutting it out of your life anyway? Being frustrated? Thinking all the time of what you could have done but didn’t have the guts to do?

So, right now, eyes closed, and going for it!


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