Lillelarsen jewelry & kids… kids… where are the kids??

For those of you who read my post on my shiny new shop and saw the banner, some must be thinking “Well I can see the jewelry, but where the heck are the kids?? Is this jewelry for kids??”

I guess I owe you a little explanation.

Remember what I told you about all this creative energy and the lack of time? Yes, exactly, that’s one of the excuses why there isn’t any kid stuff online yet. Another reason is also the recent baby boom among family and friends (not to forget my own – that’s where we get back to the lack of time and energy in this whole business).

I’ve finally found my own combination of patterns for a sweet little beanie hatsfor newborns and babies that I like, as well as the perfect wool for it, soft and cosy. Then came my baby. Then came the other babies, and some minor orders. Then my baby grew soooo quickly and little Leo has a really big head, so he wasn’t suitable for the cute photo session that was part of the whole merchandising concept. (yes, concept is a big word… meaning: the way you imagine you’re going to handle stuff to make it work tomorrow morning, because you’re going to wake up all energized and fresh with super powers!)

And then came summer, of course. Which of course, is not really putting you in a bonnet knitting mood, right?

BUT here’s the proof I wasn’t lying, see for yourself, lots of little stiped hats… now I just need another baby head to measure the age, and NO WAY I’m having another one right now!!


Blue and grey

Miss Strawberry

Green and chocolate

My favourite: with attached scarf and mini pompom!!

red and white – a little christmas feeling in June can’t be wrong…

Meet the stripey familiy


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