Starting blocks

You won’t believe it, I actually made the big step…

After 6 months of tossing the idea around, and also a couple of months of neglecting this blog, the creative energy flowing through my veins won, and I now am a proud owner of an online shop.

Of course it is still very very tiny and modest, with few things, but if only you could imagine all the ideas that are floating around in my head, waiting for some TIME to be actually made, it’s gonna be huge!

Well, considering that I only have 24 hours like every one else, that the only time for such creative energy flowing going on is after 8 p.m. when the kids are FINALLY in bed, and that these days the creative energy has been drastically massacred by a lack of sleep and thus motivation… you’ll understand why the choice is still that limited.

But a small start is a start allthesame right? And the most magic moment, the moment you click “put product online”, you squeeze your eyes shut somehow still afraid the computer screen is going to explode into your face.

And guess what – it didn’t! Yay, still alive and kicking!

So pliiiiiz have a look around and tell me if you like it!




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