A happy mother’s Friday morning


See the picture? Yes, it’s like a dream. It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday morning, and I’m all on my own, with a nice cup of coffee, music and I’m crocheting. Life can definitely be good…

I think the biggest present for this nice morning was a really good night’s sleep, something that has happened approximately, well, let’s say, 5 times since little Leo was born? I only had to get up once this night, which is just a pure miracle!

I feel like I just woke up 10 years younger, fresh, motivated, in a peachy mood. I even had time to take a shower and do my hair, I mean, actually with a purpose and taking more than 5 minutes to get the morning routine of dressing, eating, putting on make-up done. Nice, real nice!

And now I’m going to tackle the new projet about that pinecone… I already took one try, didn’t understand it right away, so I decided I’d FIRST drink my coffee, and then try again. No use putting in danger today’s good mood by fussing over crocheting instructions right?


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