Acorn – first try

As promised, here’s my first try at the acorn pattern, crocheted with mustard yellow crochet thread and a 1,25 mm crochet needle.

The pattern was really easy to follow (after drinking my first morning coffee I admit) and the result looks nice. It is a bit bigger than I thought though, even when crocheting with such a thin thread.

It could actually make a nice piece of jewelry in combination with a long brass necklace, but I’d have to find a way to press it and harden it enough for that purpose. I’ll probably try using stiffening spray and ironing….any other ideas?



Oh, and by the way, as I was reading the instructions more carefully this morning (again, after a cup of strong coffee), I noticed it was supposed to be a pineapple… well, I can live with that, fits both descriptions I think 🙂


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