Chevron Baby Blanket – the purl bee

When I came upon this Chevron Baby Blanket  pattern from the purl bee, I just fell in love with it immediately! Just look at the beautiful colours, and the simple yet so sweet pattern!

So when I was staying in Denmark for holidays with the kids and came across this sweet little craft shop that was making a closing sale, well, I guess I got weak and bought half of the shop. Then I remembered this chevron baby blanket and immediately bought a whole load of wool for it. And although I had brought my pattern moleskine notebook with me, I had apparently forgot to put this pattern in it (when I got home, I saw that indeed it was lying on the floor next to the front door….grrr..)

Being slightly obsessed with it, and without a laptop there, I didn’t rest till I found a cybercafé and found the pattern again. And immediately knit one blanket. Which made me fall even more in love with the pattern and so I returned to the same craft shop to buy wool for another one. Luckily enough, there are 3 babies on the way among my friends, so I’ve got a reason to start a thrid one soon… yay!

So here’s what it looks like:


nice colours right?

Well, I had some difficulties finding a place that had a good light and a nice surface to photograph the blanket on,

and as you can see, I unfortunately did not find one…


This pattern is definitely a keeper! Although I won’t be driving all the way up to Denmark to buy the wool, I’m going to have to find a nice alternative in our region. The result is rather expensive I must admit, but for a special gift it’s absolutely worth it.




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