Woohoo! First pair of “Rondo” crochet earrings sold!

What a feeling!

Yesterday morning I woke up and saw a text message on my phone, saying that someone had just purchased a pair of RONDO crochet earrings on my lillelarsen dawanda shop! I’d never have thought that would actually happen one day!

The best thing being, I had more or less neglected the shop, the crafting, the blog – as you can easily see – hoping I would get back to the routine when things would settle down around me on a professional and private level, and there you go, completely out of the blue, someone actually stumbled upon the shop and bought something. Quite a wonderful feeling! Well, I might be reeeeally far from making any money with it, but I feel extremely proud anyway.

And it has just refueled my passion for crafting, for the shop, for those rather far-fetched dreams that keep you up at night (well, let’s say, when I’m not up anyway calming the little one who still refuses to sleep through the nights).

And then I had an enormous bad conscience for neglecting it all, and most of all, for the not very proper presentation of the shop.

Do you know what the most funny thing about it was? I had just packed down all the crafting stuff into boxes the weekend before, as we are moving in 2 weeks… Yes, that was quite an adventure trying to find out what organisation I had in mind a week earlier when packing those boxes. There was a scaringly big number of boxes just with my craft stuff, I hope my husband doesn’t see it, he’ll get a heart attack!

Well, the next mission is going to be installing myself in the new place, find a nice spot for all my yarn, needles, and other stuff and most importantly, where it is out of a risk zone from the nosy little ones. And I hope I’ll be able to fill this tree quickly with lots of new RONDOs!




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