Babies on the way : Baby owl cardigan

Owl baby cardigan Lucky me, there are even more babies on their way among friends around me, so I have an excellent excuse to knit again super sweet cardigans. As I was tired of doing the same pattern all the time, I wanted to do something new, and was inspired by a pattern for a dress I saw in a magazine.

Baby owl dress pattern by

Baby owl dress pattern by

Don’t you just looooove the little owls?

Baby owl cardign

So, inspired by the dress, I thought about transforming it into an open cardigan. I find it to be the most practical way to dress the new little ones without trying to fit their heads into a sweater. Mostly also, because you can even dress them while they’re asleep without disturbing them. But I wanted this owl pattern to fit smoothly without having to interrupt it with the sewn together sleeves, which is why I decided to make my own pattern, which would also allow for the body to be slightly more airy with this “hole pattern”.

Baby owl cardigan sleeve

It is knit from bottom up, including the sleeves when you arrive at the same height, and then knitting the owl pattern over all stitches.

Baby owl cardigan

Baby owl pattern


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